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  • Spark Ideas

    New thinking comes from new learning. We've involved experts, academics and even BAFTA nominated screenwriters to create highly engaging programmes to help you on your first step of management. There's something for everyone at the TEC Academy

  • Implement New Ideas

    Knowing the theory is of no value if you cannot apply what you've learnt. That's why the focus of all of our programmes is on the practical application of new learning. Whilst every course is supported by scientific insights, the focus is on making the application of learning easy.

  • Performance Focus

    Learning should improve outcomes, otherwise what's the point? All our programmes are focused on bringing our knowledge of employee engagement, together with expert insights, to improve organisational cultures and performance, allowing work to be enjoyable and productive for all

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In Good Company

Developing Engaging Leaders

Our signature online leadership development programme focuses on supporting you to become a more engaging leader. Written by a BAFTA nominated screenwriter, it follows the story of a fictitious company, Emerson Software Solutions. The characters might be fictional, but highly relatable, as we take you on a journey of self-reflection and growth. We’ve enlisted eminent experts to comment on the action and identify important points drawing out the neuroscience and psychology, allowing you and your team to be the best it can be.

Expert Insights

Instant Academic Insights

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to advice from academics and experts, helping you navigate the world of work whenever you needed it most? With Expert Insights, you get just that. With over 20 videos from experts prominent in their field of expertise, you will gain practical advice on dealing with common leadership challenges including personal wellbeing, improving relationships at work, creating more trusting environments, developing growth mindsets and much more as we constantly add to this library.

Reflective Practice

Taking Time to Think

We often judge our own performances by how much we get done - what we've achieved. But in our busy schedules, exhausted from numerous video calls and meetings, when do we get time out to think? Taking time to think can help refresh our perspective and reset how we choose to interact with the world around us. We've created a short video and Reflective Journal to support you in your reflective practice, and to make sure taking time to reflect becomes an essential part of your working week.

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